A logistic collection and delivery management tool that allows you to monitor your company's operations in real time.
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Controlog is a control system for delivery and order picking, which, together with a mobile application, allows the monitoring of the logistics operation in real time.
It was designed to support, mainly, the process known as delivery of last mile, that is the part of the logistics operation carried out in urban routes where, generally, the delivery person makes use of a small | medium vehicle to take the order to its final destination.
To whom it is intended
The system is intended for companies operating in the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics segments.
With Controlog you can, among other things:
Import deliveries in batches, via NFe, CTe, and CSV XML files.
Integrate data between systems by means of an external reference ID.
Receive messages from deliveryman during deliveries.
Record deliveries, delivery attempts and occurrences with photos, location, date and time.
Access the image of the receipt signed by the recipient at the time of delivery.
View the geographical location of the deliveries, the fleet and each deliverer.
Manage your operations from any computer connected to the Internet.
Provide private access to your customers to track your deliveries.
Perform external queries via API.
Generate management reports.


Why choose CONTROLOG
  • Manage Companies
    Manage the collections and deliveries of several companies in a single account, in a practical and intuitive way. Register different types of users and give them access to the system to follow the operations, with or without autonomy to manipulate data.
  • Manage Operations
    Use the operational dashboard and have at your disposal a detailed spreadsheet, contemplating events, history of delivery attempts and occurrences, location and photos, image of the delivery receipt, geographical position of the deliverer, among other information inherent to the process. Filter your searches and view only relevant operations accurately and objectively. Set a deadline for delivery and track the performance of your deliverers.
  • Messages via App
    Receive messages from your deliverers via the App. Messages are linked to deliveries, making it easier to identify the operation immediately.
  • Geographical Position of the Fleet and the Deliveryman
    View and track the position of your entire fleet of vehicles. Explore the delivery route and your daily log history.
  • Management Reports
    Generate comprehensive reports at monthly and annual intervals, compare data between periods and deliverers. Export the generated data and performance charts.


The cycle starts with the insertion of the collection or delivery into the system, which can be done through the website or the application in the cell phone. Through the website, the insertion can be made by the form or by importing batch files. Already the application, is able to read the bar code of the note (NFe or Knowledge of Transport) and to register the data automatically in a database in the Internet.
The system offers a panel of operations that allows the control and monitoring of operations in real time, allowing a wide and accurate view.
During deliveries, deliverers can send messages and record delivery attempts and occurrences, informing the reason and procedure followed. The application takes care of capturing the deliverer's position and records the data that will be part of the delivery history.
At the moment the delivery is made, the deliverer, on the screen of the application of the cell phone, drops the delivery, immediately updating the system.
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The access plan values are calculated based on the number of active deliverers, with no delivery limit.
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